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Can you name the Before&After Videogame Titles 2 (easier)?

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Word That OverlapsCombined Game TitleHint
ArcFrench Lass, meet Lad.
MetalThe plot's not the only thing with twists.
WorldMario's sure stepped in it now.
LifeWatch the Gradius series start to decay.
WarKrat-orc-s the third
MetroidOld Samus, meet current Samus.
GearsFei Fong Fenix
BlackIsn't Hayabusa more colorful than this?
BlastBlue hedgehog does some Rare building demolition.
Legacy of KainThe second is kind of a sequel to the first.
8I see a lot of sequels in this fantasy series.
AdventureMaster Higgins eats the wrong marshmallow.
BattleFast blue mammal and friends team up with powerful green amphibians.
Word That OverlapsCombined Game TitleHint
TalesThe Phantastic Flintheart Glomgold
ImpossibleThis infinite loop will self-destruct in 5 seconds…
NightsPurple jesters flying through the air? Not this winter!
OutIf you see Mike Tyson, you should...?
Blade(s)Hey, NES guy, is that a hockey stick or a boomerang?
RadLet's, like, totally race.
ShockBig Daddy meets big purple Transformer.
SilverPocket monsters meet galactic herald.
SpyTalk about a MAD car race!
DoomVice officer meets 3rd clone of his own id.
MortalWe'll see if you're mortal after I win two rounds.
CastleI've never heard of a Milon Belmont...

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