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AdventurelandZazu from The Lion King and Aladdin's Iago are the new owners of this colorful Polynesian revue.
AdventurelandRide a 1930s-style safari boat through the world's most exotic, untamed rivers.
AdventurelandFly over Agrabah on a magic carpet!
AdventurelandAdopt a pirate's life as you venture into legendary territory on one of the most classic Disney rides of all time.
AdventurelandThis fascinating treehouse is home to the South Seas-shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson.
FantasylandGently glide 'round this genuine antique carrousel on one of 90 prancing steeds.
FantasylandSoar high in the sky with Dumbo over Magic Kingdom theme park.
FantasylandSing along with the catchy melody on this fantastical boat ride that glides past the various continents of the world.
FantasylandTake a whirl in a giant tea cup.
FantasylandMickey Mouse and Donald Duck sweep you into the scenes from classic Disney films!
FantasylandSwoop from the Darling children's home to far-off Never Land!
FantasylandSeize your courage and enter the Evil Queen's shadowy world on this darkened ride that's not for the fearful.
FantasylandEmbark on a jolly journey during a very blustery day in the Hundred Acre Wood.
FantasylandLet your little ones enjoy this large play area with tree trunk tunnels, whimsical water fountains, a honey pot to climb into and slides to ride!
FrontierlandRide this rollicking runaway train that rushes through the gold-mining, Old West town of Tumbleweed in Frontierland.
FrontierlandCome on down to this foot-stompin', hand-clappin' musical revue performed by a band of backwoods bears and their furry friends in Grizzly Hall theater.
FrontierlandTake aim at a whole posse of targets in this old-fashioned shooting gallery.
FrontierlandWind through bayous, caves and watery byways in a log boat, past scenes with characters singing songs from the 1946 Disney film, Song of the South.
FrontierlandInspired by the famous novels of Mark Twain, this lushly landscaped outdoor playground is where children of all ages can scamper and climb in the rugged terrain.
Liberty SquareThis 23-minute stage show features every American president.
Liberty SquareCruise on the Rivers of America in this authentic 3-tiered paddlewheel steamship.
Liberty SquareRide through this ominous haunted house.
Main Street, U.S.A.Climb aboard a classic vehicle such as a fire engine, omnibus, horseless carriage or trolley and be whisked down Main Street, U.S.A., in nostalgic grandeur.
Mickey's Toontown FairFly this crop-dusting, biplane roller coaster made just for little ones.
Mickey's Toontown FairClimb aboard the S.S. Miss Daisy and explore the wacky decks that this duck has built in the 'waters' of Toon Town!
Mickey's Toontown FairPerfect for pre-schoolers, this self-guided tour takes you through the famous Mouse's house.
Mickey's Toontown FairStep inside this cozy cottage pad for a playful visit to the home of Mickey's number-one gal pal.
TomorrowlandSpin around on this rocket ride as you soar high above Tomorrowland in a 2-person spaceship.
TomorrowlandWe need you, Space Ranger!
TomorrowlandPresented in a revolving theater, this show designed by Walt himself tells the story of the evolution of technology in the 20th century.
TomorrowlandIt's a monstrous laugh a minute in this comedy show hosted on a digital stage by Monster of Ceremonies Mike Wazowski.
TomorrowlandLaunch past the flashing lights of your space station into the soaring darkness of space!
TomorrowlandEnter the Galactic Federation Prisoner Transportation Center!
TomorrowlandExperience the glory of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as you drive your own Indy 500-style race car.
TomorrowlandTake this leisurely tour of Tomorrowland in an environmentally friendly, mass transit, skyway vehicle.
Whole ParkWander through this iconic fairytale fortress.
Whole ParkTake a 20-minute scenic tour around Magic Kingdom theme park on one of four antique steam-powered engines.

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