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When was Kurt Cobain born?
Where was Kurt Cobain born?
Kurt Cobain dropped out of school in what grade?
What band inspired most of the songs on 'Bleach?'
What band was Dave Grohl in before Nirvana?
Kurt Cobain married Courtney Love on what day?
What day was their daughter born?
What was her name?
What was the name of the secret track on 'Nevermind'?
What Nirvana song was released in 2002?
Who did Kurt Cobain quote in his suicide note?
Who was his suicide note addressed to and who was he?
What day did Kurt Cobain die?
When was he found?
Where was he found?
What was the name of the song the Red Hot Chili Pepper's wrote about Cobain?
Who is believed to have killed Kurt Cobain?
Who was Kurt Cobain's idol?
What was Kurt Cobain's mother's name?
Cobain wouldn't eat anything that was what color?

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