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'I wanna know bout u...'
'She told me everything gonna be fine, now I'm here, yes I'm here, tell me why...'
'She's so fresh out of box, when she step up in the club...'
'Girl I'm not your lollipop...'
'Haha, know I gotta do it again right? Bah Bah Big Bang...'
'Ladies & gentlemen, Let's get ready to rumble...'
'I've been searching for baby, the one to come and save me...'
'My baby, she told me, that i was here one and only...'
'Never knew that love could come and go like that yo...'
“Boy I love your style, I love your smile wish that you could be only mine be only mine..'
''Cause every little thing you do turns me on ...'
'I wanna rock with u, dance with u, do everything with u, run around in the rain with u...'
'I don't want to be without you girl...'
'Suckas walkin' around talkin' all'at balony, damn homie you phony...'
'Always you should know you're my honey...'
'It's all about the g's...'
'F to the I to the L to the A, I’m the best no doubt I’m a T.O.P...'
'Oh my god, I'm so hot...'
'You are the sunshine in my life girl, and you know i'd say it over again...'

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