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What year was Sims 3 released for computer?
What year was it released for consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii)?
What is the language Sims speak?
When you fulfill a wish you earn what?
What animal is the mascot for Sims towns?
Positive and negative values affecting a Sims mood are called what?
How many stages of life does a Sim transition through?
What is another way for a Sim to die, other than natural?
What are the two types of opportunities?
What are the three unusual skin tones in Create a Sim?
What is the only type of jewelry that can't be customized?
How many traits can a child have? (without cheats)
What is the maximum number of traits a Sim can have?
You can pick a Sims favorite color, food, and what?
What is the cheat that unlocks Spoot the Magic Llama?
How many part-time jobs are available?
If your Sim wants to take a Charisma class, they should go where?
What is the average default age length of a Sim, from birth?

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