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Who has a major in psychology?He/she is a part of YG family.
Who debuted as an actor in Cinderella's Sister?2010
Who's fans are known as LEDAs?Rock band
Who had only 20% chance for living after a car accident?2007
Who was on the cover of KoreAm in June 2007 issue?J. Tune Entertainment
What's the name of DSP Media's newest rookie group??Hot game
Which group's official color is Pearl Peach?Pandora
What is the name of male solo artist under CUBE Entertainment?Punishment
Troublemaker is a unit of...Troublemaker
Who is a former chinese member of Super Junior?My logo
Which idol ranked 2nd in a singing competition?SNSD's Taeyeon was 1st
Who is CO-ED's Taewoon brother?Nilili Mambo
Who are 'the famous' Kpop twins? I YAH
Which group debuted with the song Come Back Again?One member is a big fan of purple
Lady Jane is in a relationship with...Supreme Team
Who won the award for Foreign artist with the Best Stage Presence at Chinese TOP Awards Concert? The Queen
Which idol is fluent in Korea, Japanese, English and French?Bad-ass rapper
Who is one of FnC Music's famous gitarists?Starred in “Style Wave” in December 2009 and January 2010
The youngest but the tallest member of a group?187 cm
A girl group under Core Contents Media!Roly poly

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