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Can you name the people who died in ways unbefitting their lives?

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After leading the nation through one of it's toughest times, this man spent 9 hours dying in a bed that was too small for him.
Though famous for spending most of his life playing with some of the world's most dangerous reptiles, this man was killed by a fish.
This royal humanitarian died in a car accident while fleeing paparazzi
This famed War of 1812 General died of pneumonia and didn't get to fill his elected position for very long
Shot by his own men, this great leader during the Civil War died in a pneumonic haze after his arm was amputated
This great American explorer died dishonored and impoverished in a small inn in Tennessee in 1809.
A pioneer of the Marines and hero of the Barbary Wars, this outspoken leader died in 1811 a rheumatic and ruined alcholic
Though one of history's best military leaders, this WWII General died of complications from a minor car accident in December 1945, after surviving the war he had been such a centra

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