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Can you name the Captain Scarlet Episodes?

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The Mysterons intend to kill the World President.
Scarlet's first assignment with his powers of retro-metabolism is to protect the Director General of the United Asian Republic from assassination.
An atomic device has been hijacked and hidden and Captain Scarlet has until the clock strikes twelve to save London from total destruction
The hunt is on to apprehend Captain Black after he unwittingly becomes a radioactive hot spot.
A series of crippling attacks on Frost Line Outer Space Defence bases sees Captain Scarlet and Lieutenant Green race to stop the Mysteron assailant before a belligerent general sta
Colonel White is targeted by the Mysterons, and takes refuge in a submarine
A summit of top military commanders is secretly a Mysteron ruse to eliminate the best minds of Earth's armed forces.
Crucial Mysteron weaknesses are revealed when a leading brain surgeon is killed and reconstructed by the Mysterons to murder a top army general.
Two brilliant devices are created to counter the Mysteron threat — but a spy among the delegates at the conference starts off a deadly trap.
Captain Scarlet turns double agent to thwart Mysteron plans to destroy the whole of North America.
Professional bank-robbers try to get the Mysterons to work for them after the aliens target New York City.
Scarlet, Blue and Green investigate strange signals emanating from the far side of the Moon and discover a second Mysteron complex under construction.
The Supreme Commander of Earth Forces is targeted by a seemingly invincible, renegade superweapon.
A French intelligence agent posing as a fashion designer is kidnapped by Mysteron reconstructions of his own models.
When the Spectrum Angels are threatened by the Mysterons, reconstructed Angel fighters menace Scarlet, Blue, and Destiny.
A nuclear rocket vanishes from radar. For Captain Scarlet and Blue it is a matter of inputting the correct self-destruct code before the mystery target is annihilated.
Scarlet, Blue and Green return to the Moon to destroy the second Mysteron complex. They are able to return the heart of the complex — a crystal pulsator — to Spectrum.
A powerful Himalayan observatory receiving precious photographs of Mars comes under attack from a reconstruction of one of the resident astronomers.
For the first time, Spectrum is able to contact the Mysterons using the strange properties of the crystal pulsator recovered from the Mysteron complex on the Moon. But Cloudbase it
The source of all Spectrum's vehicle fuel is threatened when a demolitions expert contracted to put out an oil rig fire is killed and reconstructed by the Mysterons.
A test pilot barely survives a car accident engineered by the Mysterons and helps Spectrum in an attempt to capture Captain Black.
Scarlet, Blue, a top astrophysicist and two journalists find themselves trapped on an airliner under Mysteron control.
A vial of a lethal new virus is stolen from a maximum-security laboratory. Scarlet must stop the Mysteron agent before the Los Angeles water supply is polluted with the contents.
An underwater Arctic mine extracting a rare metal to be used in Earth's return to Mars is terrorised when its heating elements are sabotaged and the surrounding water threatens to
Scarlet must neutralise a stolen nuclear reactor before total devastation is brought to the Atlantic Seaboard of North America.
The President of the United States is seemingly threatened with assassination.
Three of Europe's leading politicians are targeted by a reconstructed electronics professor.
Spectrum must protect a South American irrigation plant from attack by an orbiting spacecraft taken over by the Mysterons.
A series of hovercraft accidents in the Australian outback means that Scarlet and Blue must expose the traitor before it can strike again.
Captains Blue and Ochre go on a mindless destructive spree of the world's biggest naval complex after drinking drugged champagne.
The Mysterons themselves arrive on Earth to destroy Cloudbase.
Captain Blue is drugged and wakes up three months later on Cloudbase facing questioning from a man claiming to be from Spectrum Intelligence.

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