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Big Bang character who accidently got Sheldon drunk while at the Cheesecake factory?
Which Big Bang character cannot talk to women without consuming alcohol?
This character though they were drunk on non alcoholic beer when riding the train to California.
This character drunk dialed Stephen Hawking after drinking ferented grape juice.
Penny's favorite alcohol of choice.
Raj's favorite alcoholic drink of choice.
Sheldon asks Penny to make him a Gin Rickey but Penny pours him this alcholic beverage instead.
After slurping down two glasses of this alcoholic drink through a straw within a matter of seconds Sheldon becomes drunk and winds up on Wil Wheatons doorstep.
In a drunken state, this character asks Sheldon to kiss her and calls it a scientific experiment.
Amy says to Sheldon: Sorry, but I'm busy at work. I have a room full of alcoholic monkeys, and tomorrow is the day we switch them to this non alcoholic drink.

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