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Can you name the significant events in the movie A Christmas Story?

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Forced Order
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Year movie was released?
Year movie takes place?
Who is the voice of the narrator?
Title of book movie is based on
Written by .....
Main character
Played by
Who also did commercials for
What does he want for christmas?
Give me the full discription
What extra features does it have?
What his mother thinks will happen if he gets one...
His favorite radio show....
The secret message....
His friends
His enemies
Who sticks his tongue to the flag pole?
What made him do that?
Major award his father won...
What word was on the crate?
Which meant it came from what country?
What happened to it?
Who did that?
What did the main character NOT say while helping his father change the tire?
His punishment?
What brand?
His preferred brand?
Outfit he got for Christmas
Who thinks he is how old?
And what else does she think he is?
What happens the first time he uses his favorite present?
And then what happens to the turkey?
Name of the restaurant they have dinner
And what Christmas carol does the staff sing?
Bonus question-What is the name of the Lone Rangers' nephew's horse?
How do you know that?

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