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1First High King of the Noldor
1 - MCalled 'the Embroiderer', First to die in Valinor
1 - MDaughter of Ingwe, King of the Vanyar
2Creator of the Silmarilli
2Second High King of the Noldor
2Stayed behind in Tirion, High King of the Noldor in Valinor
2 - MA noted sculptor
2 - MDaughter of Olwe, Lord of Alqualonde
3One of two to repent the massacre at Sirion, waived his right to the High Kingship
3A great bard and one of two to repent the massacre at Sirion
3Attempted to carry off Luthien to be his wife
3Had a notable temper and interacted with the dwarves of Nogrod
3First possessor of the knife Angrist
3Third High King of the Noldor
3King of Gondolin
3Killed by her husband when shielding their son
3Lord of Nargothrond, died defending Beren Erchamion
3Succeeded his brother in Nargothrond
3Dwelt in Menegroth for a while, later the Lady of the Wood
3 - MDied in the Helcaraxe passing
3 - MHad many dealings with the Dwarves, executed for murdering his wife
3 - MKinsman of Elu Thingol and Lord of Lorien
4Lord of Eregion, Forger of the Three Rings
4Last High King of the Noldor, a leader of the Last Alliance
4Led the escape from Gondolin
4Elf who betrayed Gondolin to Morgoth
4Formerly engaged to Gwindor but later fell in love with Turin
4Waylaid by orcs in the Redhorn Pass, went over the Sea a year later
4 - MMessenger to Gondolin from Ulmo
5Sailed to Valinor as the messenger of both Elves and Men
5 - MDaughter of Dior Eluchil, saved from the massacre at the mouths of Sirion by diving into the water with the Silmaril
6Chose to be one of the Eldar and was the founder of Imladris
6Chose to be one of the race of Man and was the first King of Numenor

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