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Generation 1Lord of Doriath, one of the original three elves to go to Aman, instigated the quest for the Silmaril
Generation 1 - MA Maia and Lady of Doriath, created the Girdle of __________
Generation 1Lord of Alqualonde, led the Teleri to Aman from Middle Earth
Generation 2Called the fairest of the Children of Iluvatar, aided the quest for the Silmaril, voluntary gave up immortality for love
Generation 2 - MSon of Barahir, last of the House of Beor, went on the quest for the Silmaril
Generation 2A princess of Alqualonde, married into the House of Finwe
Generation 2 - MLast son of Finwe, King of the Noldor in Valinor
Generation 3The heir of #1, incurred the wrath of the sons of Feanor for wearing the Silmaril and brought on the sack of Doriath
Generation 3 - MAn elf of Doriath, her name means 'white flower'
Generation 3Lord of Nargothrond, called the Hewer of Caves, died on the quest for the Silmaril
Generation 3Assumed lordship of Nargothrond after the death of his brother
Generation 32 brothers - both ruled in Dorthonion and slain in the Dagor Bragollach
Generation 3The Lady of the Wood, lived in Doriath for many years and studied with #2
Generation 3 - MA kinsman of #1, later the lord of Lorien
Generation 4Led the survivors of the sack of Doriath to the coast of Beleriand, escaped the sack of that settlement with the Silmaril
Generation 4 - MThe most famous seafarer in history, with the Silmaril sailed to Valinor and convinced th Valar to go to Middle Earth
Generation 4Twins - both slain in the sack of Doriath
Generation 4A princess of Nargothrond, formerly engaged to Gwindor but fell in love with Turin, died after the sack of Nargothrond
Generation 4Waylaid and wounded by orcs at Caradhras but rescued by her sons, passed over the sea a year later
Generation 5/G 4 - MLord of Rivendell, bearer of the ring Vilya
Generation 5First king of Numenor, lived for 500 years

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