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Forced Order
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How many countries are there in the world, excluding solo islands?
what is my middle name? hmmm? it begins with A and ends with R!
I have an itch on my face, if i have to itch it twice a minute, how many times will i itch it in 5 days (if i don't sleep)
What would the capital of Madagasgar be if Botswana never existed and the ivory coast was famous for potatoes?
what does the word 'nonaligned' mean?
in scrabble how much would the word 'quizzical' be worth if the one of the z's was a blank and the word goes over two triple words and a bonus for putting all seven letters down?
Complete the phase : you say tomado, I say .....'?
Name a part of a mongoose?
How many red hot chilli peppers guitarists died before the most recent?
And oh yeah i forgot what are the letters we've given you an anagram for?
Last question, whats the most amusing thing about skinning a rabbit?

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