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letterbandsongs by this band
aseduction, ambrosia, apology.
bthe comedown, black and blue, a lot like vegas.
cpractise makes perfect, moan.
dnicotine and alcohol, friends like these.
esituations, you are so beautiful, ten miles wide.
f27, west coast smoker, chicago is so two years ago.
gholiday, song of the century, jesus of suburbia.
hdecember, silver bullet, ohio is for lovers.
icrank that, but the nuns are watching, sex ed rocks.
jqueen of the club scene, lollipop luxury.
kbeautiful colours, all for you.
lmy generation, break stuff, hot dog.
mour lady of sorrows, helena, im not okay.
letterbandsongs by this band
njust for, this is how you remind me, too bad.
odragostea din tei, lub tah, din dai.
pbut it's better if you do, camisado, time to dance.
qthe show must go on, bohemian rhapsody.
rpen and paper, you better pray, face down.
swhen im gone, no love, welcome to my life.
tcute without the e, sink into me.
uwe are the involuntary, im content with losing.
vthat champagne feeling, safe to say.
wshe takes me high, check yes juliet.
x ( x is the last letter)just a little, jumpin, song 4 lovers.
ytake off your colours, if i were in your shoes.
zmental health, just the tip, rated 'u' for ugly.

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