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Can you name the Lost Deaths (all 6 seasons)?

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EpisodeWho Died?What Killed them?
PilotKilled by Smokie
Tabula RasaShot
HomecomingShot six times
Do No HarmFell From Cliff
Two for The RoadShot
Every Man For HimselfShot
The Cost Of LivingKilled by Smokie
Not In PortlandShot
The BrigStrangled
The Man Behind The CurtainGassed
Through The Looking GlassShot
Through The Looking GlassGrenade
Through The Looking GlassDrowns
The Beginning of The EndKnife
Meet Kevin JohnsonShot
Meet Kevin JohnsonShot
The Shape of Things to ComeShot
EpisodeWho Died?What Killed them?
There's No Place Like HomeStabbed
There's No Place Like HomeBoom
The LieFlaming Arrow
This Place Is DeathTime Travel
The Life and Death of Jeremy BenthamShot
The Life and Death of Jeremy BenthamStrangled
The VariableShot
The IncidentStabbed
LA XKilled by Smokie
LA XBad Fall
SundownThroat Slit
SundownHeld Under Water
Everybody Loves HugoBoom
The CandidateBoom
The CandidateSub
The CandidateSub
Across the SeaStabbed
Across the Seathrown in a cave
What They Died ForThroat Slit
What They Died ForShot
The EndStabbed and then some

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