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Who was the first woman to die on the island?
The first murder on the island witnessed by Jack Shephard
Who were the two people to die from mishandling dynamite?
What is the name of Penny and Desmond's boat?
What character, along with Charlie, is from Manchester?
When Locke first greets Kate, what is in his mouth?
What is the color of the flower Jin gives Sun at her father's dinner party?
What is the first thing Locke notices when he crashed on the island?
Where does James 'Sawyer' write the letter to the real Sawyer?
What's the first flashback we see of Jack Shephard?
Where in France does Shannon learn to speak French?
Which couple met due to car trouble?
What game does Locke say is the oldest in the world?
What does Mr. Paik instruct Jin to buy for a colleague's newborn baby?
What are the names of the two children who were in the tail section of Flight 815?
Who does Boone speak to on the radio?
Name one of the things enscribed on Mr. Eko's stick.
Where can one see the phrase 'He walks among us, but he is not one of us'?
About how many miles off course was Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed?
What's Frank Lapidus' favorite baseball team?
This character was killed by a flaming arrow on the beach
What is the name of the freighter that finds the island?
What is Hurley planning to use as a weapon when he hears people outside (off-island)?
What animal does Claire want to use to send a message for help?
What is Kate looking for in the supermarket when she loses Aaron?
What does the 'D.S.' on Charlie's ring stand for?
What is the song Juliet often listens to?
What leisure item does Locke give 'Henry Gale' in the Hatch that he is dissatisfied with?
How does Ilana desribe her relationship to Jacob
How many pictures does Sayid have of Nadia?
Who is the only known gay person on the island?
Who is the member of the French team that loses his arm?
What is the number of the bunny Ben uses to threaten Sawyer?
Who broke her ankle while skiing?
What woman does Sun kill on the island?
What is John Locke's last thought?
Where does Susan take Walt when she leaves Michael?
Who is Charlotte's name a reference to?
Who does Sawyer call Yoda?
What is the last button one pushes when entering the numbers into the computer in the Hatch?
What does Miles' mother give him money for, the day that he is first able to hear the dead?
What exactly is #5 on Charlie's list of greatest hits?
What book does Sawyer call predictable?
What is the room number where Karl and Walt are brainwashed?
Who wakes up on the island to see a cow watching him?
Who inadvertantly saves Desmond's life when he is in the hatch?
What color cup is Richard Alpet often seen with?
How many patients has Juliet lost since coming to the island?
What do some consider the noise the Smoke Monster makes to resemble?
What object is hanging in a tree when Jack first wakes up on the island?
What does Paulo use to hide the diamonds he and Nikki stole?
What is Sayid's connection to Kate, before coming to the island?
Name one of the three songs Hurley listens to on his CD player
What is Claire doing when her boyfriend leaves her? (off-island)
Behind what book does Desmond hide the fail-safe key in the hatch?
What are the names of the two women who interrogate Charlie in the Looking Glass?
What are the coordinates Daniel gives Lapidus to get off the island safely?
What does Christian Shephard forget at his hotel room in Sydney?
What type of seeds does Jack give Kate?
How much money does Jin's mother demand from Sun?
Name one of the characters are buried by Flight 815 survivors, but away from the cemetary
Name the whiskey Charles Widmore refuses to offer Desmond
Where does Penny ask Desmond to travel with her to deliver wine?
What song is playing when Hurley and Charlie drive the Dharma van?
Who do we see reading a book upside down?

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