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Can you name the characters from Martin
The girl that lives across the hall from Martin. Always has a smart remark for people
She often drops off home-made biscuits.
______in house. ALWAYS hitting on Pam
He lives on the 5th floor and uses the fire escape to gain entry to Martin's apartment. Constantly raiding Martin's fridge and borrowing stuff.
Can you name the characters from Martin
Has a big mouth and a fat belly. He is constantly bragging about his law enforcement abilities.
only 10 years old, but he has a desperate crush on Martin's girl.
Wants to be a famous rhythm-and-blues singer, but he can't sing worth beans.
One of Martin's bestfriend and always says '_____, you aint got no damn job.'
Can you name the characters from Martin
Martin and always goes back and forth with each. She makes short and ear jokes
One of Martin's bestfriends love
One of Martin's bestfriend who cant never get the girls
Everybody tells her she has a big head. Marries Martin
Can you name the characters from Martin
the main character
What is Martin's last name on the show
Where is the show Martin shot at?
Who is Martin's favorite nba team

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