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Complete the Mean Girls quote: 'She doesn't even...'
What do you call three strikes in a row in bowling?
Name either of the 7 ancient wonders of the world whose modern location is in Greece.
Which Queen took three strikes with an axe to be beheaded?
What does w/c stand for?
What NFL team are based in Jacksonville, Florida?
What is the world's top selling puzzle game consisting of 54 squares?
What is the longest side of a right-angled triangle whose other sides are length 5 and 12?
How many gold medals did team GB win at the London 2012 Olympics in equestrian?
Name either of the 7 ancient wonders of the world whose modern location is in Turkey.
What is the capital city of Denmark?
Name the largest and smallest US states in terms of land area.
What element has the chemical symbol K?
In which country is Machu Picchu located?
Who makes a cameo appearance in Simon's Cat - Double Trouble?
What is the capital city of The Philippines?
Who plays Monica in the TV series Friends?
What is the name of the boy who inspired the song by Taylor Swift for Stand Up to Cancer?
The University of Nottingham has how many halls on University Park?
The 49ers are based in which city?
Which singer features in the film The Other Woman?
What is the French translation of the word scissors?
What is the capital city of Oman?
What are the two fruit juices in a Sex on the Beach cocktail?
What year did England win the Fifa World Cup?
Which US state was Tropicana founded in?
What must a ball do after the cue ball strikes a coloured ball in 8 ball pool if nothing is potted?
Name any Winter Olympic host city located in France.
What film did Taylor Swift write two songs for?
What song did Taylor Swift and Zac Efron duet to on The Ellen Show?

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