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Forced Order
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Which member accidentally dyed his hair green
Which member played guitar
Which member wrote 'You're my Best Friend'
Which member was bisexual
Which member has a son named Felix
Which member has been married since 1975
Which member left his wife
Which member retired
Which member wrote 'We Will Rock You'
Which member was considered the 'pretty boy'
Which member died of Aids
Which member had 10 cats
Which member had a cocktail bar behind his amplifier
Which member sang the high 'Galileos'
Which members still remain in Queen today
Which member wrote/sang 'I'm in Love with my Car'
Which member was married to Chrissie Mullen
Which member had no vocal experience
Which member is the youngest
Which member was the 'quiet one'
Which member was married to Dominique Beyrand

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