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HintCase Category
Learner driver SOC; Intro
Looking at you through the glassSOC; how courts decide std; foreseeability
Cricketeer SOC; how courts decide std; foreseeability
Hit motorist with bolaSOC; how courts decide std; foreseeability
Waaasn't blind, but now, can't seeSOC; how courts decide std; magnitude of risk
Erect high fenceSOC; how courts decide std; burden of precaution
JockeyingSOC; how courts decide std; burden of precaution
Ambulance armstrongSOC; how courts decide std; burden of precaution
Burden < foreseeability of risk. Oil. SOC; how courts decide std; burden of precaution
Testing blood donation for Aids SOC; how courts decide std; finances don't matter
jackSOC; how courts decide std; utility of dfd conduct
DermatitisSOC; how courts decide std; common practice
Ricochet poleSOC; children
Still blind, still can't seeSOC; Disabled
Ass holeSOC; Disabled
Incident to calling, sweep holeSOC; Experts
Motorcyclist, spectator, reas man of sporting worldSOC; sports
Breach rules, not liable SOC; sports
Referee, amateur doesn't matter SOC; sports
Std of reas skilled person, exception SOC; Professionals
Star med case, ECT, body of opinion, hard to prove negliSOC; Professionals; body of opn
Bolam limits: Common practice not good stdSOC; Professionals
Prof evid must be logically defensibleSOC; Professionals
Spine opSOC; Professionals; disclosure of info
truthfully and fully; Haven't crippled yetSOC; Professionals; disclosure of info
Privity, postmaster general, coach drvNegli; evolution
Failed test; in position with regard another, if foreseeableNegli; evolution
HintCase Category
prd liability; acts/omissions moral censure; directly/closely; foresNegli; evolution
fin loss caused by negli misstatement; high proximityNegli; evolution
Affirmed atkins; 'special relations', foreseeNegli; evolution
Maisonette & cracked walls; prox and forees; consid limit scope of docNegli; evolution
Did not apply Anns, crushing + indeterNegli; evolution
2 stage test not definitive Negli; evolution
Novel factual situations no precedent. pokemonNegli; evolution
Modern test (no one precept; direct precedent; 3 criteria)Negli; evolution
Diff consid, diff weight Negli; evolution
Incremental approachNegli; evolution
Caparo criteria; Clmt myst be foreseeableNegli; evolution
Boxing, clmt successfulNegli; Caparo cases
Approved caparo, fjr. Freeze accountNegli; Caparo cases
Telephoneb etting. DOC but not liable Negli; Caparo cases
Lords; Arsenic Banglas Negli; Caparo cases
Specific resp; call for help no answerNegli; Police
Suicide in cell Negli; Police
informant threatened, contact stolenNegli; Police
threw CS gasNegli; Police
Gen functions; def practices; ripperNegli; Police
Black man; ethical valuesNegli; Police
No explicit death threatsNegli; Police
ECHR, know/ought to, real & immed riskNegli; Police
Explicit death threats, didn't bring HR claim Negli; Police
did not make dmg any worse by failing to attend; water supplyNegli; Fire Brigade
created fresh source of danger; sprinkler systemNegli; Fire Brigade
COA; late ambulance, private-public; DOC on 999Negli; Ambulance

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