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QUIZ: Can you name the survivors on the Island of Banoi?

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Playable Characters
Throwing Expert 
Fire arms Expert 
Sharp weapons Expert 
Blunt weapons Expert 
Lifeguard tower
Leader in lifeguard tower 
'On the Air' quest-giver 
'Lazarus Rising' quest-giver 
The Doctor 
'My precious' quest-giver 
Part of 'Family matters' quest 
'Family matters' quest-giver 
'Ashes to ashes' quest giver and molotov provider 
'Hit and run' quest-giver 
'The Lost' quest-giver 
Leader in lighthouse 
'A ray of hope' quest-giver 
Part of 'Bloody valentine' quest 
Part of 'Tell me where it hurts' quest 
Part of 'The Lost' quest 
'Tell me where it hurts' quest-giver 
'Nighthawk' quest-giver 
'Wind in the stomach' quest-giver 
'Light my fire' quest-giver 
Resort Area
'Toy story' quest giver 
Part of 'Too much sugar' quest 
'Only the Strong survive' quest-giver 
'Fluid necessity' quest-giver 
'Two hearts' quest-giver 
Offers storage service 
'Nectar of life' quest-giver 
'Crash' quest-giver 
Part of 'Crash' quest 
'Too much sugar' quest-giver 
Part of 'A ray of hope' quest 
Security guards in Hotel 
Part of 'Black hawk down' quest 
'House full of surprises' quest-giver 
'Bloody valentine' quest-giver 
'Out of stock' quest-giver 
'Time for booze' quest-giver 
Part of 'Family matters' quest 
Saint Christopher's Church
Leader in Saint Christopher's Church 
'Three nails' quest-giver 
'One foot in the Grave' quest-giver 
'Last chance on the Wall' quest-giver 
'Message to the Masses' quest-giver 
'Let the Waters flow' quest-giver 
'In cold blood' quest-giver 
'Six feet under' quest-giver 
Part of 'Last will' quest 
'Alcohol for Theresa' quest-giver 
'Matter of justice' quest-giver 
Leader of Warhouse 
'Radio ga ga' quest-giver 
'One last breath' quest-giver 
Part of 'Blood ties' quest 
'Picture of bliss' quest-giver 
'Blood ties' quest-giver 
'Bleach with a vengeance' quest-giver 
Square and Town Hall
Square: 'A new broom sweeps clean' quest-giver 
Square: 'Fast aid' quest-giver 
Square: 'Paperwork' quest-giver 
Town Hall: Leader of Town hall 
Town hall: 'Supermarket journey' quest-giver 
Moresby Area
'Uninvited guests' quest-giver 
Part of 'Heroes and villians' quest 
'Drop by drop' quest-giver 
'Drowned hope' quest-giver 
'The ... head of Cerberus' quest-giver 
'A tough nut to crack' quest-giver 
Part of 'Cat on the Roof' quest 
Part of 'A Voice from Above the Sky' quest 
'Grasp All, Lose All' quest-giver 
'Last will' quest-giver 
Part of 'A tough nut to crack' quest 
'Heroes and villians' quest-giver 
Jungle: River Village
Leader in River Village 
'Ashes to humanity' quest-giver 
'Death wish' quest-giver' 
Part of 'Little prince' quest 
'Blood in the Tropics' & 'Weeds' quest-giver 
Part of 'A matter of honour' quest 
'The Dead in fishing net' quest-giver 
Jungle: Overpass Camp
'Show must go on' quest-giver 
'Fallen angel' quest-giver 
'Little prince' quest-giver 
Merchant & 'Visit to the pub' quest-giver 
'Light is life' quest-giver 
'A matter of honour' quest-giver 
Part of 'Second aid' quest 
'Feeding the Multitude' quest-giver 
Jungle: Laboratory
Leader in Laboratory 
'Substance of matter' quest-giver 
'Insect repellent' quest-giver 
'Scran's not for the Dead' quest-giver 
'Where is my pineapple?' & 'Wet job' quest-giver 
Jungle/Lab Area
Must be killed in 'Soldier of fortune' quest 
'Deus ex Machina' quest-giver 
Leader of the Natives camp 
'River trip' quest-giver 
'Bridge too far' quest-giver 
'A wooden crank' quest-giver 
'No sign of life' quest-giver 
Must be killed in 'Death wish' quest 
A native important to the story 
Leader in the Prison 
Part of 'The Green mile' quest 
'Banoi Butcher' quest-giver 
'Acid funk' quest-giver 
'Locked armory' quest-giver 
'Painful insanity' quest-giver 
Must be killed in Banoi Butcher quest 
'The Voice' 
'The Voice's' wife 

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