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Can you determine the misspelled word in each sentence and fill in the correct spelling?

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SentenceCorrectly Spelled Word
I did not except his invitation to the party.
The football player was taller then the soccer player.
I wasn't sure weather the test was going to cover triangles or hexagons.
It was to hot outside, so I took off my sweater.
The magician easily fooled us using a slight of hand card trick.
The principle of the elementary school is retiring after this year.
The introductory paragraph of the essay quickly peaked my interest.
Her dress beautifully compliments her blue eyes.
SentenceCorrectly Spelled Word
The wild bore waded through the puddle of warm mud.
The squirrel dragged it's nuts up the trunk of the tree.
The affect of the earthquake on the tiny town was quite severe.
The wide, spacious meadow was the perfect sight to begin building.
I poured over my textbook frantically in hopes of getting a perfect score on the upcoming test.
I was able to read fourty books over the course of the year.
My mother always liked to read me fairy tails before bed.

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