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What do people say leprechauns put at the end of a rainbow?
In the Ramona book series, what is the older sister's name?
Who is Kim Kardashian currently married to?
What does USA stand for?
What element on the periodic table is AU?
Who was the 16th president of the United States of America?
Who sings 'It feels like the perfect night..'
What chocolate bar is a kind of laugh?
What fast food restaurant's slogan is: 'Eat Fresh'?
Name the main Victoria Secret Angel:
What kind of candy is the fruity version of an M&M?
What does King Tut stand for?
What cereal's commercials contain a 'silly rabbit'?
How many colors are in the rainbow?
What is the amount of matter in an object?
On the hit TV sitcom 'Friends', who is the main couple?
In the movie 'Lion King', what is the King lion's name?
Brangelina stands for Brad Pitt & ...
Who is the famous doll Barbie's boyfriend?
What recent movie is about two teenage cancer patients falling in love?

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