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first appearhelp
season 1Main girl
season 1Hottest bad vampire
season 1Nice vampire brother
season 1Emo teen, like drugs
season 1witch friend
season 1human later vampire friend
season 1sexy ex-boyfriend
season 1sexy wirewolf
season 1bitch vampire
season 1Sheriff
season 3human killed by Alaric
season 1werewolf's mum, mayor
season 1Mayor, werewolf's bad dad
season 2Mayor's brother
season 1Human killed by Damon. Like drugs later vampire
season 1sexy quater back's mum
season 1Nice history teacher
season 1Lovely aunt
season 1Reporter killed by Damon later vampire
season 3lovely doctor
season 1History teacher killed by Damon
season 1 vampire girlfriend
season 1tomb vampire
season 1tomb vampire
season 1tomb vampire
season 1tomb vampire
season 2run away from Klaus
first appearhelp
season 2run away from Klaus
season 2want to help with Klaus
season 2want to help with Klaus Alice boyfriend
season 2sexy hybrid
season 3evil little sister vampire barby
season 2smart, moral vampire brother
season 3uppity vampire brother
season 3sad vampire brother Sage's boyfriend
season 3want to kill Klaus
season 3want to kill his childrens
season 2witch who help Elijah to find his daughter
season 2his son
season 2his daughter
season 2Klaus witch
season 1Stefan friend
season 1who wants to kill Damon cause he kills her girlfriend
season 1witch who has a pub
season 1witch who dies in a magic
season 1witch in the civil war
season 2Bonnie's related, witch who help Kat
season 3witch who tortured Stefan killed by Katherine
season 1help anna
season 1help anna, follow elena
season 1elena real mum
season 1her school friend
season 1founder
season 1elena's real dad
first appearhelp
season 3crazy girl in a founder family in 1912
season 1kills his sons in the civil war
season 2werewolf
season 2werewolf in Klaus ritual
season 2werewolf in civil war, help Katherine
season 4died in a farm
season 4arrive mystic falls cause his dad is dead
season 4a hunter
season 4werewolf girl
season 4hybrid girl
season 4hybrid boy
season 4crazy professor
season 3vampire in 1912, finn lover
season 1tomb vampires live in her house
season 1appear in miss mystic falls
season 1disappear in miss mystic falls
season 2Katherine snapped her neck in masquerade
season 2Tyler kills her, activate his curse
season 2Damon lover killed by Stefan
season 3Killed by stefan test hybrid
season 1Killed by Damon
season 3Bonnie's mum
season 3his son
season 3Klaus hybrid
season 3Sage's vampire
season 3Klaus hybrid

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