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Forced Order
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'Let's blow this joint!'
'I've seen your death...it was painful.'
'Death is the gift I offer.'
'If you'd like to play with me, you'd better be sure you know the game.'
'Surrender to me.'
'Vile scourge!'
'Justice will be served.'
'Mortality is weakness...'
'Urge to kill...rising!'
'March, march, march, march!'
'Another body for the gutter.'
'The dark...should fear me,'
'Mark acquired.'
'Summoner! Your darkness beckons!'
'Let's get this party started!'
'Brutality...my favorite.'
'Torment me no longer!'
'I know what makes them tick...I know how to make the ticking stop.'
'With balanced steps.'
'You face unblemished power.'
'Even now, your loved ones suffer!'
'Wanna see a hat trick?'
'Their scars will be worn.'
'Quake in fear, fleshling.'
'Now I'm angry!'
'Consider yourself spanked, nugget!'
'Easy partner...'
'An eye for an eye!'
'I will show you the path.'
'Their fate is sealed.'
'They have faced nothing like me.'
'That's gotta sting,'
'Analyzing approach.'
'Hey...come back...'
'You look like someone who's got a lot going on beneath the surface...'
'Direct hit!'
'I theorize...your defeat!'
'Their final moments approach.'
'I always shoot first.'
'It's nearly time.'
'Fighting is serious business.'
'I bring the storm.'
'I do not pity cowards.'
'Let's show them my ugly side.'
'Mmm...I like it when they scream...'
'True will cannot be defeated.'
'This whole...living thing is...highly overrated.'
'Hunger never sleep.'
'I'm dead...so are you.'
'Mmhmm....I smell the stench!'
'The hunt begins.'
'This'll be a slaughter!'
'Don't make me hurt you!'
'The tempest is upon them.'
'No problem!'
'Do not dally!'
'It's all smoke and mirrors.'
'Welcome to havoc!'
'Are you afraid?'
'Right between the eyes!'
'Find your center.'
'Ours is but to do, and die!'
'Death...is a harsh mistress.'
'Only two jokers in the deck...and I get dealt you.'
'You...are beyond redemption.'
'No matter how far it is to the top, it's still within my grasp!'
'This world is so strange...'
'I'll show them a watery grave!'
'Stay at the vanguard!'
'Who's next?!'
'Ugh! You smell terrible!'
'Brioso! Brioso!'
'Come on! I'm not even holding the controls!'
'We'll prey on the civilized.'
'The secrets of magic are mine alone.'
'Only actions truly speak.'
'Feral instinct guides our fist.'
'Can you handle this?'
'People are flames to be blotted out...'
'I never think about losing.'
'Preemptive strike.'
'To conquer oneself, is to conquer all.'
'Look what crawled out of the bunghole!'
'Share...my curse!'
'Let's make tracks!'
'I'm moving as fast as I can.'
'Strike at their heart!'
'Another opponent....another disappointment.'
'The fortunate will be eradicated.'

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