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Use of hormonePlant hormone
Promotes fruit ripening and drop
Causes stem elongation and mitosis at internodes
Overrides apical dominance, promoting root and shoot development
Inhibits seed germination (used in seed banks)
Induces early seed production in young trees
Prevents salad leaves yellowing after being picked/ delays leaf senescence
Stimulates shoot growth by causing stem elongation
Promotes fruit development of unfertilised flowers (parthinocarpy)
Promotes sucrose accumulation in fruit or sugar cane for sweeter fruits
Promotes root development
Use of hormonePlant hormone
Promotes cell division
Inhibits senescence of citrus fruits (ripening)
Involved in maintaining apical dominance
Stem elongation in bunches of grapes allows bigger grapes to grow
Closes stomata (when there's low water availability)
Promotes lateral growth of plants
Involved in maintaining apical dominance
Artificial types of this hormone used as herbicides
Stimulates seed germination

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