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Fill in the blanksanswer
___ ________ (enzyme) unwinds the DNA
by _______ ___________ bonds.
The _________ strand is used as a complementary template
to make ____
which is a copy of the ______ strand.
However, the mRNA strand contains the base ______
instead of _______.
Free __________ in the nucleoplasm bind to the exposed complementary bases
by ________ bonds.
This is catalysed by ___ __________.
2 ________ ______ are released which provide energy to bind adjacent nucleotides.
Fill in the blanksanswer
The mRNA is released from the DNA and passes out of the nucleus through a ______ ____.
The mRNA then binds to a ________.
2 ______ are attatched to the small subunit and are exposed to the large subunit.
The start codon is always ___.
____ binds to the first codon
using ___ and an enzyme.
The first amino acid is always ________
The second tRNA molecule binds to the second codon, a ______ bond
forms between the adjacent ____ _____.
This is catalysed by ______ __________.
This process is repeated as the ribosome moves along the mRNA until a ____ codon is reached.

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