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Elia Kazan1954
Francis Ford Coppola1979
David Fincher1999
Rainer Werner Fassbinder1970
Christopher Nolan2000
Stanley Kubrick1968
David Lynch1990
Kenneth Anger1949
Curtis Hanson1997
Werner Herzog1979
Sergei Eisenstein1925
Akira Kurosawa1957
Kenneth Anger1964
Werner Herzog1982
Chan-wook Park2003
Ingmar Bergman1966
F.W. Murnau1922
Bernardo Bertolucci1970
Ingmar Bergman1969
Brian De Palma1983
Stanley Kubrick1964
Alejandro Jodorowsky1970
Andrei Tarkovsky1972
Coen Brothers1990
Wong Kar-wai1995
Wim Wenders1984
Francis Ford Coppola1972
William Friedkin1971
Julian Schnabel1996
Tony Scott1993
Vittorio De Sica1948
Wong Kar-wai1994
Darren Aronofsky1998
Fritz Lang1927
Alejandro Jodorowsky1973
Roman Polanski1968
Brian De Palma1974
Akira Kurosawa1957
Ridley Scott1982
Orson Welles1941
Stanley Kubrick1975
Martin Scorsese1976
Wes Anderson1998
Peter Yates1973
Quentin Tarantino1997
Ridley Scott1979
Sidney Lumet1975
David Lynch1980
Tim Burton1994
Quentin Tarantino1994
Werner Herzog1972
Stanley Kubrick1957
Sam Mendes1999
Kinji Fukasaku2000
Howard Hawks1932
Takeshi Kitano1993
Sidney Lumet1973
Fritz Lang1931
Paul Thomas Anderson1996
Carl Franklin1995
Martin Scorsese1982
Quentin Tarantino1992
Wes Anderson2001
Wong Kar-wai1997
Kenneth Anger1954
Alfred Hitchcock1960
Sergio Leone1966
Luis Buñuel1929
Coen Brothers1996
Paul Thomas Anderson2007
Spike Lee1992
Luis Buñuel1972
David Lynch2001
Stanley Kubrick1980
Jean Cocteau1950
David Lynch1986
Ingmar Bergman1957
Andrew Dominik2007
David Cronenberg2007
Paul Thomas Anderson2012
Stanley Kubrick1960
Enzo G. Castellari1978
Akira Kurosawa1950
Terry Gilliam1985
Michael Cimino1978
David Lynch1977
Stanley Kubrick1971
Quentin Tarantino2012
Martin Scorsese1980
Woodie Allen1977
Martin Scorsese1973
Sam Peckinpah1974
Stanley Kubrick1987
Ingmar Bergman1957
Andrei Tarkovsky1986
Joel Coen1984
Christian Robinson2006
F.W. Murnau1924
Coen Brothers2007
Miloš Forman1975

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