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@EuropeanUnion #shoutouttomyex #cheerio #brexit (2016)
@Virginia I feel like there’s a #masondixon line between us. I’m feeling uncivil. Time for us to split up. (1861)
@Canada Je ne t'aime plus. Je veux être seul. Nous ne parlons pas la même langue. (1980, 1995)
@Colombia Sorry dude, I’m leaving you. @TRoosevelt Call me, baby! #letsbuildacanal (1903)
@UK I know we’ve had our troubles, but now that we’ve signed our treaty, I’m hoping we can have some peace if we’re lucky. (1922)
@Sudan I literally can’t even with you. #outtahere #newestmemberoftheUN (2011)
@Mexico I need my space and need to spend some time on my own. (1836) @USA You’re cute. Call me. I’d like to get together. (1845)
@Massachusetts We were good together, but now I’m joining the US as the 23rd state. No hard feelings? You can still visit on weekends if you want. (1820)
@Indonesia You wanted us to stay together, but it’s been 20 years of constant fighting. I think it’s time for me to go independent. (2002)
@France We’ve been together since 1830, but it’s all jeers from you. You treat me like I’m “L’Etranger.” #aurevoir (1962)
@UpperPeninsula I heard you want to run off to start your own state with northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin! Don’t leave me--let’s stay together! (1858)
@Malaysia You changed your name for me. But we have ideological differences so I gotta break up. Maybe you can go back to calling yourself “Malaya”? (1963)
@SouthAfrica The UN told you to leave me alone in 1977, but you didn’t. Don’t call me “South-West Africa” anymore. Don’t call me at all! (1990)
@NYC We’re tired of being overshadowed by the other boroughs. 65% of us just voted to secede and start our own city. (1993)
@West Pakistan: Long-distance isn’t working for us. How can we be the same country when you’re 800 miles away? Don’t call me “East Pakistan” anymore. (1971)

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