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Margaret Peel, Professor Welch, Christine CallaghanKingsley Amis
Winnie Verloc, Stevie, Mr VladimirJoseph Conrad
Dulcinea del Toboso, Samson Carrasco, CardenioCervantes
Emily Tallis, Mace, Paul MarshallIan McEwan
Agnes Koljaiczek, Sigismund Markus, Alfred Matzerath Gunter Grass
Noddy Boffin, Jenny Wren, Bradley HeadstoneCharles Dickens
Orr, Nately's ****, Hungry JoeJospeh Heller
Ward Stradlater, Phoebe, Faith CavendishJD Salinger
Miriam, Nelson, Ruth LeonardJohn Updike
Madame Grenouille, Grimal, Madame GaillardPatrick Suskind
Rachel Rosen, Pris Stratton, JR IsidorePhilip K Dick
Widow Douglas, Jim, Buck GrangerfordMark Twain
Dim, Billyboy, Dr BrodskyAnthony Burgess
Roger Mexico, Pirate Prentice, PointsmanThomas Pynchon
Kilgore Trout, Tralfamadorians, Barbara PilgrimKurt Vonnegut
Kitty, Mr Bingley, George WickhamJane Austen
Simon March, Joe Gorman, TheaSaul Bellow
Grace Poole, Bertha, Helen BurnsCharlotte Bronte
Paddy Dignum, Moses Herzog, Gerty MacDowellJames Joyce
General Sternwood, Eddie Mars, CaninoRaymond Chandler

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