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Eire's noxious yodelling artiste
Fruit addicts?
Smooth tube
Over the top
Destroying Jack-o-lanterns
Hamlet in the snow
Percussion movements at night
Prison dance
Dorothy's dog
Headless dogs like Snoopy
Heavy airship
Soft custard cream
Unconvicted murderer and orange juice
Carroll's girl in bondage
More brats in the neighbourhood
Only these are supposed to be bloody blown off
Speaking nuts
Homo sapiens association
Rubbing out
Cherubic parvenus
Hunter S doubles
Perverse nun
Severe case of technophobia?
One definite relationship
Nightclub entertainment for French writer
Evening with a trio of bitches
Thatcher - an instrument of torture
Circle Capone
Wonderful hairy pets
Alison in red shoes was watching the detectives

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