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What year do Nick and Elizabeth marry?
What was the name of the ship they married on?
How much time elapses between the marriage and the beginning of the rest of the movie?
What is the name of the camp the twins attend?
Where is Hallie Parker from?
Where is Annie James from?
What are the twins allergic to?
Which twin wins the fencing match?
Fill in the quote: You want to know the real difference between us?'
What song plays during the twins poker match?
Who wins the poker match?
Fill in the quote: That girl is without a doubt'
What is the name of Hallie's stuffed animal?
What do the twins eat their Oreos with?
What day is the twins birthday?
Where is the picture of the twins parents ripped?
Fill in the quote: I have
Fill in the quote: You're nervous,
Which twin dosen't have her ears pierced?
What is the address of the James' residence?
What does Hallie say her grandfather smells like?
Fill in the quote: Any other suprises?
What does Hallie mean by the 'F word'?
What color of hat does Hallie pick for the model to wear during the photo shoot?
Fill in the quote: My mom
'Where does Annie meet her father at?
Fill in the quote: I hope you had
What habit is Annie glad her father noticed?
What does Chessy have prepared as Annie and her father arrive home?
How old is Meredith
Where does Annie tell Chessy her friend from camp is vacationing at?
Fill in the quote: The first change I make is to
What is the name of Meredith's assistant?
Who is the first person to know that the twins switched places?
What does Annie think her dad is going to to to Meredith?
What language does Nick catch Annie speaking?
Finish the quote: I'm marrying your father in 2 weeks whether you like it or not.I'd suggest you not tangle with me anymore. You're in way over your head. Is that clear?
What does the fax say that Annie sends to Hallie?
Who is the first to know that Hallie is pretending to be Annie?
Finish the quote: 'I have to go see Annie.' 'And where might Annie be?'
Finish the quote: 'His and hers kids,'
What city do Hallie and Elizabeth fly to, to meet up with Annie and Nick?
What does Elizabeth get drunk on while on the plane?
What is the name of the hotel they all stay at?
Finish the quote: Hello pet,
Finish the quote: She's drunk! She never drinks more than 1 glass of wine
How does Elizabeth first spot Nick?
What does everybody know that Elizabeth dosen't?
Finish the quote: You talkin to me?
What is in Elizabeth's drink to cure her drunkenness?
What happens when Nick spots Elizabeth?
What does Nick call Elizabeth?
When explaining the whole situation to Meredith, what ride does Nick reference?
What surprise do the twins have for their parents for the dinner on the yacht?
Finish the quote: Just relax, sail through time
What did Elizabeth throw at Nick the day she packed?
Finish the quote: So I packed. I got on my first 747.
What is the twins proposition to their parents?
Finish the quote: I would pay big money
What are the twins putting in Meredith's backpack?
What kind of water does Meredith drink?
Finish the quote: Sure you'll help me. Right over a cliff you'll help me.
What do they all eat on the camping trip, to Meredith's protests.
What does Meredith throw at Nick's head?
Finish the quote: Suggested? Tricked would be more like it.
What is the one dish Nick knows how to cook?
What was the inscription on the bottle of wine from Nick and Elizabeth's wedding?
Finish the quote: Did you know the Concord
Finish the quote: Yes to all of the above. Except you don't have to cry hysterically.

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