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Can you name the words ending in Zer?

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Prize given in the field of journalism
One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
Famous juke box manufacturing company
A Christmas Carol protagonist, ________ Scrooge
Beverly Hills hit single American rock band
A lightweight jacket or GM's truck model
A powerful tractor with a broad upright blade at the front
An electrical/battery device similar to a bell used for signaling
LA Lakers American basketball player, Carlos....
Battery manufacturing company famous for its bunny
Chemical or natural substance added to the soil to increase fertility
Part of the fridge that keeps food frozen
Derogatory term for old man
Someone who eats small portions of food in place of a full-size meal
French violinist and composer Rodolphe...
Chilled drink made with white wine and carbonated/sparkling water
Small tool used for picking up objects too small (usually pluralized)

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