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______ Rangers
Reproductive structure found in floral plants
Underground conduit for carrying drainage and waste matter
______ Records or the Sears/Willis.....
Machine used to cut grass
Arbor, pergola, grotto
' ______ 48'
Edward Snowden is by definiton a....
A couple, a handful (comparative adjective)
Storage compartment found in a dresser
Device used in kabobs
_______ discretion advised
Make someone stronger and more confident
A brief and light fall of rain, hail, sleet, or snow
A person or thing that blows
Adherent, devotee
A person who makes ale or beer
Deprive a woman of her virginity
City in Los Angeles County, California
The ship that brough the pilgrins to the New World
Unnatural/supernatural ability
A man who has lost his wife
Up to date, current (comparative adjective)
Sluggish, plodding (comparative adjective)
Plant commonly used to make oil
Overwhelm, overthrow
Book made into a film, The Perks of Being a ......
The Jehovah Witnesses' famous magazine publication, The...
A person who grows a particular type of crop

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