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Can you name the words ending in Ury?

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The first planet from the Sun
Extreme anger, ire
Alternative spelling for Armory
The state of great comfort and extravagant living
The funds or revenue of a government
Body of people who delivers a verdict
To place 6 feet under
Omen or sign of what will happen in the future
100 years
Lesion, trauma
A surgical knife with a long, narrow, straight or curved blade
Telling a lie under oath
Interest at unreasonable hight rates
Pinkish-lavender flower found almost worldwide
Covered with flour
TV journalist and talk show host, ______ Povich
Of the nature, characteristic of or resembling sulphur
American baking products company famous for its Doughboy
British confectionery famous for its easter chocolate eggs
Murder She Wrote actress, Angela...
City in Ontario, Canada famous for its nickel industry
City in Fairfield County, Connecticut
Harare's former name or city in Wiltshire, England
City in New Haven County, Connecticut

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