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Halo or aureola
Japanese dish consisting of battered and deep-fried food items
Mrs. Linney, Mrs. Pausini, Mrs. Dern, or Mrs. Branigan
2005 fantasy film starred by Josh Hutchinson and Kristen Stewart
Honda's luxury vehicle division brand
Culture in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian
Great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity
Trash or garbage in Spanish
Outermost of the 3 layers of the meninges that surrounds the brain
Membrane enveloping the lungs in humans and other mammals
American actress ______ Tierney or Spanish actress Carmen...
Carmen and Tango Spanish director, Carlos...
Jim Carrey's pet detective films title character; Ace...
Colombia's main seaport in the Pacific Ocean
American actress _____ Skye
Star Trek's films linguistics specialist and Spock's love interest
City in Miami-Dade County, Florida; Spanish for adventure
The Impossible Spanish actress, Marta...
The Canary Islands, second largest island
One of Spain's autonomous communities
Elysium Brazilian actor, Wagner...
Desert in northern Peru also known as Nazca Desert
Indonesian island off the northeaster coast of Java
Pacific Rim Spanish actor/director, Santiago...

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