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Can you name the words ending in uel?

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Prophet and two books of the Old Testament
Infamous Panamanian dictator, _______ Noriega
Willfully causing pain or suffering to others
Province and city in Aragon, Spain (Town of Mudejar)
Mr. Cervantes Saavedra given name
In film, the events which happened previous to ones on the original installment
One of the disobedient sons of Lehi in the Book of Mormon
City in Orange County, California; Laguna...
An arranged engagement in combat between two individuals
Gasoline, diesel, kerosene
Furios 7 British actress, Nathalie....
In film, the events which happened after the ones on the original installment
The fill again one's vehicle's tank
A thiner version of porridge
City in the Bajio, Guanajuato, Mexico; _______ de Allende
Another name for Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew
Famous Spanish filmmaker, Luis....

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