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Can you name the words ending in tty?

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Mrs. White, Crocker, Hoop, or Grable
Julia Roberts' 1990 film, ______ Woman
The Golden Girls actress, Estelle....
Deliberately hurtful in one's remarks; spiteful
Whorey, trampy
What children call the toilet
A fat person's common nickname
______ ______ Bang Bang
Mrs. Duke, Smyth, Loveless, or Bouvier
Spoiled, self-centered, and badly behaved
Tom ______ and the Heartbreakers
Courageous, brave, valiant
Hello _____ or kitten
Slang for a contemptible person or action; worthless
Star Trek's character played by James Doohan and Simon Pegg
Eddie Murphy's The ______ Professor film franchise
Patchy, uneven, inconsistent
Crazy, insane (informal term)
Humorous, amusing
Dick Tracy's American actor, Warren....
A short simple song
(Of a person, action, or idea) somewhat mad or eccentric
Nickname for Matthew
The Fast and the Furious character played by Michelle Rodriguez
The Secret Life of Walter ______
Vulgar, rude, crude, salacious
2010 Japanese animated film, The Secret World of...
Very small, tiny, (first word)

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