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Can you name the words ending in Tto?

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Italian rice dish that usually contains wine
The school bus driver from The Simpsons, ____ Mann
A duplicate. Word used by Swayze's character in Ghost
A slum area of a city or something vulgar or of bad taste
Italian sportswear manufacturer
Everything or all in Italian
Knife/dagger with a long slender needle-like blade just as women's shoes
Italian dry-cured ham thinly sliced and served uncooked
Natural or artificial type of cave used by humans
Italian liqueur made out of almonds and apricot pits
A movement or piece to be played fairly briskly
A method of voice production used by singers
A person of mixed black and white ancestry
City in Florida and film starred by Elisabeth Shue and Woody Harrelson
Surname of Fast and Furious series siblings Dominic and Mia...

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