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Leading shaving products manufacturing company
North Carolina's largest city
French overseas department between Madagascar and Africa
Sports car manufactured by Chevrolet
Popular tobacco smoking product
Scale model
Device used by painters to lay and mix colors
Isolated hill with vertical sides and a flat top
Sri Jayawardenepura...
Coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk
Compact disc predecessor
Party thrown to a wife-to-be
Long thin loaf of French bread
French for shish kebab
A person with dark or black hair
Small breadcrumbed fried food roll
Floppy disk
Protocol, decorum, good form
Newspaper of record, official journal, newspaper
Short film
Dull and flat color; without a shine
Small cooking area in a hotel or motel
Dish made of beaten eggs and a variety of ingredients
Casino game named after the French word for little wheel
Image of a person represented as a solid shape of a single color
Eau de.....
A small statue or figurine
A brief evocative description, account, or episode
Dressing made by mixing oil with something acidic
Beach Party American actress, _______ Funicello
Academy Award winner Danish film, _______'s Feast
Luxembourg's second largest city, Esch-sur-....
Actor siblings Patricia, Rosanna, David, and Alexis
Protagonist character in Les Miserables
Hollywood's Golden Age American actress, ____ Davis
The Sixth Sense Australian actress, Toni....
It Must Have Been Love hit single 80's Swedish pop duo
Canadian artist, Alanis...
Repetitive and involuntary movement or vocalization syndrome
Cities in Louisiana and Indiana named after the Marquis de...
Product in the form of gum or patches used to replace nicotine
Beheaded queen of France, Marie....
Desperate Housewives American Acress, ________ Sheridan

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