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American rap/hip-hop artist, _______ Elliott
Carrie's American actress, ______ Spacek
Ron Burgundy's tagline, 'Stay _______ America'
Finicky, particular, fastidious
Official residence or offices of an ambassador
Tina Fey's best seller, _______pants
Informal for cat or vulgar slang for vagina
Shiny, lustrous, gleaming, brilliant
Sports Illustrated American model, _______ Teigen
Tease, minx, coquette
Of or covered with grass
Covered in or resembling moss
Prudish, priggish, prim
Untidy, dirty, disorganized
(Of clothes) suitable for a festive or formal occasion
1983 Bond film starred by Roger Moore
Lively, bold, and full of spirit
Of, like, or full of gas
An angry outburst or tantrum; ______ fit
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Palma

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