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Can you name the words ending in Son (no surnames/names)?

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A human being
Felony that involves setting a place on fire
Another term for buffalo
The juxtaposition of one thing in contrast with another one
The meat of a game animal, especially the one of a deer
A human male offspring
Fall or autumn is one of these
Strong red color inclining to purple
A facility where criminals are sent after judged
The male offspring of my male offspring
If I am a godfather then i may have a...
To put someone in the slammer; to take away a felon's freedom
To throw or drop something from an plane
Something teachers prepare for their students
Communication/cooperation that facilitates a working relationship
The priest of an independent parish church
A substance/agent that can make you sick or kill you
The male offspring my wife had with another man before we married
To voice something at the same time, in harmony
Mansion or house in French

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