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Can you name the words ending in rry (no berries)?

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Fruit found worldwide or American actress, ______ Jones
Join in marriage
American actress, Halle...
Northern Ireland's second largest city official name
A passenger boat or ship covering short distances regularly
Convey, transfer, move
______ Christmas!
It British actor, Tim _____ or Indian famous dish
Mr. Lewis, Ferrara, Seinfeld, Garcia, Reed, O'Connell, or Springer
Hairy, downy
__________ Glen Ross
Scandal American actress, ______ Washington
Rush, hasten
Mr. Shandling, Kasparov, or Marshall
Mr. David, King, Hagman, Bird, Flynt, or the Cable Guy
American singer, Katy _____ or actor Matthew _____
Mr. Potter, Styles, Belafonte, Connick Jr, or Truman
1948 film, _____, Wrong Number
NFL quarterback and Fox NFL Sunday co-host, _____ Bradshaw
Union territory of India also known as French India
______ and the Peacemakers
Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe singer, _____ White
Bobby McFerrin's Don't _____ Be Happy
Prickly or having a burr (of speech)
British luxury fashion house
Swirl, whirl (especially of snow or leaves)
Not clearly or distinctly visible or audible
Pit from which stone or other materials are extracted
Liquor originally from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Van Gogh's The ______ Night
Commit to matrimony for the second time after a divorce
Northern Ireland second largest city commonly called name
Capital city of the aforementioned Indian union territory
American boating shoes and apparel, _____ Top-Sider__

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