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The tenth tallest mountain in the world part of a 30-peak massif
Black Sea's seaside resort and Bulgaria's third largest city
Novel by Richard Doddridge Blackmore protagonist; ______ Doone
Bern in Romansch, one of the four official languages of Switzerland
How to Murder Your Wife late Italian actress, _____ Lisi
Matador Spanish actress, Assumpta...
Nocturne in Spanish as in the DC Comics character
Another term for the seabird known as tern
Small Greek restaurant or tavern in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian
Cistern in Spanish as in the Santiago Metro city, La...
Egyptian archeological site of the ancient city of Akhetaten
Lucerne in Romansch, one of Switzerland's four official languages
Turkish ancient city known today as Izmir or city in Georgia, USA
Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products

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