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Can you name the words ending in Rie?

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One of the North American Great Lakes
Mrs. Antoinette or Mrs. Osmond
2016 Academy Award winner actress, ____ Larson
Polish-French physicist and chemist known for radioactivity
Series in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Little House on the...
A unit of heat energy
Friendly or condescending form of address
Strange and frightening
A strange or diverse collection of things or people
2008 Film starred by Tom Cruise and Kenneth Branagh
Style of roasting in which the meat rotates
American soul singer India...
House British actor Hugh....
Women's underwear and nightclothes
2007 Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson hit single
Infamous school girl who turned prom into a blood fest
American animated series produced by Warner Bros; _____ Melodies

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