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Can you name the words ending in Rge?

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Fee, payment, price
Mr. Washington, Romero, Lucas, Strait, Orwell, or Bush
Big, huge
Meet, intersect, cross
Dismissal, release, ejection
Homer Simpson's wife
Desire, wish, need
Produce a copy or imitation for the purpose of deception
Appear, surface
Ravine, canyon, gully
Cause to swell with blood, water, or other liquid
Amalgamate, unite, combine
Make or become bigger or more extensive
Go under water
Affliction, curse, plague
Cleanse, clear, purify
Spend money freely or extravagantly
Norway in its native Norwegian
Limited number of jeweled eggs created by Peter Carl...
Gush, rush, stream
Replenish; restore a battery's power
Doorkeeper, doorman
An additional payment or fee
Edge, border, margin
Issue an excessive fee or price for something
Push, shove, force, elbow
Spanish and Portuguese equivalent of George
Belgian cartoonist creator of The Adventures of Tin Tin
Informal for sergeant

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