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Can you name the words ending in Rat?

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A fraternity
Badly behaved child, spoiled child
Nobleman, noblewoman, lord, lady
Medium-size rodent considered a vermin
Massive pyramid-like structure build by the Mesopotamians
Popular card game played at casinos
A person of liberal or leftist political views
Medium-size semi-aquatic rodent native to North America
Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh alter ego
Small marine fish widely caught for food and fish products
What most people think government officials are
A measure of the purity of gold
A member of a government where God or a deity is the civil ruler
Afghanistan's third largest city
India's westernmost state; Ahmedabad is its largest city
A ruler who has absolute power
A unit of weight for precious stones and pearls
India's eight largest city
A member of a technically skilled elite
Caribbean island and British Overseas Territory

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