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SNL's american actor _____ Killam
Middle-Eastern country
Algeria's second largest city
Thin layer of plastic usually used to store/wrap food
Central religious text of Islam
UK's rock/pop 80's band ______ ______
Arguably the best chef in the world Spanish _____ Adria
Croatian-American actor ______ Visnjic
Run (in the past)
A person who has long served in an occupation or field
The Painted Vail American director John...
Rerun (in the past)
Outrun (in the past)
Overrun (in the past)
A two parallel hulls of equal size watercraft
Grand in Spain or grandma in Britain
The outer layers of cereal grain; miller's...
Of or related to Sahara
Yankees baseball player Carlos ______ or American actor Robert...
North American desert in Arizona, California, Baja, etc.
Iran's capital city
One Direction's Niall...
Las vegas international airport

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