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A kilo
A message sent by telegraph
An uncastrated male sheep or to force, plunge, or thrust
A word formed by rearranging the letters of another one
A record of muscle activity within the heart
A metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilo
A metric unit of mass equal to one hundredth of a gm
Fill, stuff, pack jam
Sketch, outline, graphic
A recording of depth or distance under water
A three-dimensional image
A word with no repeating letters or non-pattern word
An x-ray picture of the breast
Plant/spice with sweet pine and citrus flavors related to oregano
A text written in code or a symbol with secret/occult significance
One thousandth of a gm
Schedule, agenda, calendar
A five-pointed star formed by drawing a continuous line
1/10 of a gm
A symbol representing a vocal sound (grapheme)
A pictograph
Leave or go away from a place quickly
A visual image produced from an ultrasound examination
A trolley or cable car
Dracula's British author, _____ Stoker
A short satirical poem with a witty or ingenious ending
A written character symbolizing the idea of a thing
A motif of two or more letters interwoven to create a symbol
A sentence using every letter of a given alphabet at least once
A type of wheeled baby transport
A radiograph
Large American money transfer company found worldwide
A photographic or electronic representation of a spectrum
Largest city in the island of Lombok, Indonesia
The largest distillery in the world until acquired by Coca Cola
Online mobile photo-sharing and social networking app
Wherever You Are 2005 hit single country artist, Jack...
Abraham's name before he becomes Abraham

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