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______Gilmore, _______ Holidays, _______ birthday
Of low quality or in poor physical condition (slang)
A child's word for father
Insolent, impertinent (informal)
Limp, flaccid, or a _______ disk
Feeling tired and wanting to take a nap
Lively and high-spirited (informal)
Cold, chilly
Actress ______ Montgomery, or ______ seed dressing
Bright, fresh, or lively (informal); fast or speedy
Inclined to tilt or overturn; unsteady
Rough, turbulent, heavy waters
A dog before maturity
Inclined to talk foolishly or at length (informal)
Of or typical of a student/graduate of an expensive prep school
Most popular American brand of peanut butter
Excessively sentimental (informal)
Weak or sloppily sentimental (Informal); tending to drip
Antagonist in the Goosebumps series; ______ the Dummy
Popular American sandwich, _______ Joe
Irritable and inclined to speak sharply (informal)
Curt or sharp, especially in a condescending way (informal)
Resembling or inducing an hallucinatory effect (informal)
Scooby Doo's nephew, _________- Doo
Miserable, not content, sad, sorrowful
Ready to react violently, especially by shooting

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